Kavanah is committed to creating a sound with feeling.

Adam Kahan - 1.773.871.5945

To have Jewish Music experienced.

Individual Temple and Synagogue websites may post for Friday Night Live! scheduling information or send an email.

Kavannah and Kavanaugh are some incorrect spellings you may observe.

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Email Robert Boiko at the email address shown in the picture to the right, for further information. Adam may be reached via his direct phone line.

Kavanah - Friday Night Live - an amazing, wonderful experience.

Adam Kahan and Kavanah

Presenting Friday Night Live!

A Joyful and Meaningful Jewish Worship Experience.

Adam Kahan and

Kavanah's regular members are Robert Boiko Rob Klegon and Richard Bunn; all professionals.

Adam Kahan helps in the teaching of Jewish Studies.
Robert Boiko (Bob Boiko) is involved in a lot of things. If you skip the bio page, you will not know.