Commissioner Robert Boiko

Robert Boiko

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Tri- Brothers Chemical Corporation also called TBC or Tri-Bros.

manufacturers under Trademark registrations and Patents that were previously obtained:

Lime-Eater Delimer for Professional Use

BorCoil Bor-Coil Bor Coil for Professional Use

Mag-Erad Delimer for Residential Gas Tank Type and Tankless Water Heaters

also versions available for humidifiers. 

A. O. Smith has an incredible product along with the Mag-Erad called Un-Lime.

No highly diluted knock off substitutes are worthy, with their Hydrochloric/Muriatic, sometimes really watered down and always fuming, also attacks copper and causes Iron Chlorides which perpetually corrode the tanks, it never flushes out but forms a corrosion cell, no cheap sour milk, lactic acid, no vinegar which contains acetic acid which attacks copper and in the purer form was used as a wart remover, there are things being sold that are so pathetic, but in this 5 second world how do you know? That is why it is important to discuss in depth.

Lime-Eater was available through many wholesalers including as a master Supplier, Rheem Manufacuring because it is properly formulated for the uses intended.

You can always ask questions for more technical advice email me at:

For the radio Show Hosts I talk to, please feel free to continue those conversations, and for the others who are interested, you can look up my profile on LinkedIn and then after you see that, we can arrange for me to appear on your show to help assure people are safe.

Always remember during your shows to insist that the CSA Rating is used for the temperature and Pressure relief valve for Potable Systems. This is Critical. The other rating is not set up to clear at the 20 - 80 pounds of a Potable System. The NB/ASME is set up at 125 or 150 Pounds, which is not helpful because water can get over 350'F and flash scald to death anyone opening a faucet. See my Task Committee work for more information.

I hold several United States patents and write entire manuals.